Unity work

I have used Unity on a few occasions, I have the necessary knowledge to use the mono editor to edit C# scripts as well as putting together different scenes to make an overall game.

One such game I made as part as my first year is "Kurushi", the game itself is based off an old Playstation One game called "Kurushi", our task was to recreate the game as we saw fit. I personally decided to take the approach of making the gameplay as close as possible to the original.

Kurushi Game

Kurushi screen shot

The aim of the game is to destroy all of the grey cubes before they fall off of the edge, beware of the red cubes however, destroying these will result in the loss of one row per red cube destroyed. You fail if you fall off the map by destroying a red cube, or when the grey cubes fall off the end too many times.

To destroy a cube, you "mine" the square you are standing on with the space bar. You then repress the spacebar to destroy any cube which is on or moving onto that square. If you destroy a green cube, the surrounding blocks will be mined. By pressing the 'x' key the mined squares will destroy all blocks above them.

To move the player you can use ASDW keys or the arrow keys, pressing spacebar will mine the square you are standing on, and the 'x' key will activate any squares which have been mined from green cubes. To download -and play- the game, just click here or the image on the right.

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