Unity work

I have used Unity on a few occasions, I have the necessary knowledge to use the mono editor to edit C# scripts as well as putting together different scenes to make an overall game.

One such game I made as part as my first year is "Kurushi", the game itself is based off an old Playstation One game called "Kurushi", our task was to recreate the game as we saw fit. I personally decided to take the approach of making the gameplay as close as possible to the original.


I used a HTC Vive provided through the University to develop a test of different control mechanics in VR. The purpose of which was to determine what control mechanics are the most immersive within a virtual environment.

To start, I created three different control schemes, one using a mouse and a keyboard for input, another using a PlayStation 4 Controller and lastly a control scheme that featured the HTC Vive controllers. These were all implemented using C# and Unity.

For testing each control scheme, I created three simulations: Archery, Basketball and Bowling. Users were tasked with playing each simulation with the different control schemes. At the end and start of each control test they were required to fill in some surverys to gather data.

To develop using the HTC Vive I used the SteamVR plugin by Valve available on the Unity asset store.


As part of a third year module, I was tasked with creating a game of draughts using provided C++ AI code. I was able to design and implement a draught movement system that interacted with the AI code. It was then possible to determine when and where pieces can move.

To demonstrate what the AI was considering each turn, I added an option to show on the screen the AI's possible moves. I also added some customisability so the game wasn't just a typical boring game of draughts.


Much like the original Kurushi, the aim of the game is to destroy all of the grey cubes before they fall off of the edge, beware of the red cubes however, destroying these will result in the loss of one row per red cube destroyed. You fail if you fall off the map by destroying a red cube, or when the grey cubes fall off the end too many times.

To destroy a cube, you "mine" the square you are standing on with the space bar. You then repress the spacebar to destroy any cube which is on or moving onto that square. If you destroy a green cube, the surrounding blocks will be mined. By pressing the 'x' key the mined squares will destroy all blocks above them.

To move the player you can use ASDW keys or the arrow keys, pressing spacebar will mine the square you are standing on, and the 'x' key will activate any squares which have been mined from green cubes.


Jamchester is the UK's biggest professional game jam. Jamchester is an annual weekend-long (40 hour jam time) event in Manchester, where teams of 1 to 4 people can join together and develop a game with a unique concept determined on the day.


SyphOS was the production of two programmers and two artists during the 2017 Jamchester event. The provided theme was "shape the future", we decided on a concept similar to that of the film WALL-E by Pixar. The aim of the game is to collect water and scrap over a period of seven days to save an organic life form .

Players are able to spend the scrap they have collected during the nighttime on upgrades for their robot. The game also features Xbox controller support.

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