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My name is Sean Stevens, I'm a final year MComp Computer Science for Games (Masters) student at Sheffield Hallam University.

I've always had an interest in making and creating games from a young age. At the age of fourteen I discovered and taught myself the Lua programming language. I proceeded to make my own games on Roblox, these games have since in total received over 5.4 million plays.

Favourite Projects

Project 1 Tiltageddon


A marble rolling game created using C++ and DirectX 9 that won the "End of Year Show Student Prize".

I was in charge of physics, saving levels, loading levels, GUI, marble controls, the level editor and sounds effects.

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Project 2 Horse Racing

Horse Racing

A solo project created using Lua and Roblox Studio with over 4.7 million plays.

Players can roleplay and ride a horse around a small world. Cosmetic effects and extra horses may also be purchased within the game.

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Project 3 Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble

A pirate PVP game created using C++ and PhyreEngine.

My tasks for the project were particles, a water shader, ship movement, cannons, cannonball movement, refined environment collisions and PS4 controller support.

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Project 4 Dissertation


A VR test created using C# and Unity with a HTC Vive.

Three games; bowling, archery and basketball were made to test control mechanics in VR. The Vive wands were tested against a mouse and keyboard and a PS4 controller.

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