In 2008 I stumbled across ROBLOX, a free online game site which you can play and create games. Soon enough I had figured out how to make my own game using some of the free assets available and tools available.

Shortly after creating my first ever game, people started playing it and I had over 1,000 concurrent players! In October 2013 a feature known as Developer Exchange was released, it allows users to trade their earned virtual currency for USD, from then on I've been actively working on games in my free time.

To create games on ROBLOX I use "ROBLOX Studio" which is similar in functionality to Unity.

You can find my ROBLOX profile by clicking here. To play any of my ROBLOX games either find them from my profile or click the images on the right.


Inspired from a previous prototype, Ricochet is a joint venture with an American friend and developer. The game features 2D movement and team based shooting combat. Objects within the environment can be shot and destroyed, allowing the player to traverse the map.

Although the game is still in development, the core mechanics have been finished and implemented. The players are able to shoot lasers which bounce around the environment, they are also able to shield against enemy lasers; reflecting them back towards the enemy. The game also features lift, ladders and teleports to aid with traversing the map.

The player can crouch under objects and collect power-ups that appear around the map to help with fighting the opposition.

Horse Racing

I originally created a horse prototype as an experiment, once I realised the horse I had created was fun and unique I decided on creating a horse racing game. The horses are fully animated and the mesh has been made using constructive solid geometry.

The game has been designed to target players who like roleplaying and has currently received over 4.7 million plays.

Compatibility includes iOS, Android, Mac, PC and the Xbox One. The controls for Mac & PC are as follows: 'w' or the "Up Arrow" key to move forwards, 's' or the "Down Arrow" key to move backwards.

To move left and right it's the 'a' key or "Left Arrow" key and 'd' key or the "Right Arrow" key respectively. To activate the horses sprint ability the "Shift" key can be held or pressed to toggle sprinting as necessary.

Playing on iOS or Android is a little different, on-screen GUI's allow the player to toggle their sprint and control movement however, to turn the horse you rotate the view in the direction you would like to go.

Playing with an Xbox controller works the same way as when on PC, except the joypad and buttons are used for input.


Personally, I enjoy the sport bowling and felt it would be a good idea to recreate the game in ROBLOX. I set myself the task of researching the rules to make the game as accurate as possible, to provide replayability I added a Rank system and Cash which could be earned through playing good games.

Players can claim a bowling lane by clicking on their desired lane (as long as there is a space free), once a player owns a lane, they can click on a ball to pick it up. To throw a ball they click and hold to build up their power and release to throw the ball.

To make the game a little harder compared to other bowling games (e.g. Wii Bowling) I had two red zones on the power bar, releasing when the power meter is between a red zone would cause your throw to go off by a random angle.

Tank Demo

My tank tech demo features a map created from blender and imported into ROBLOX, the tanks rotate around the map using SOHCAHTOA combined with raycasts to calculate the necessary angles.

The tank barrel follows the mouse cursor and utilises SUVAT for realistic projectiles. To turn the tank it's the 'a' key and 'd' key respectively, to move the tank forward and it's the 'w' key and 's' key respectively.

Pressing the 'q' and 'e' will rotate the view clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.

Since the game is just a tech demo, tanks have no health properties and cannot destroy other tanks (although they can drive over other tanks).

Blocky Bird

Blocky Bird is a game I created to test my capabilities and is based off the Dong Nguyen's hit game Flappy Bird. The game features a high scores table and offers micro transactions for users to buy to continue when they die.

The bird and pipe colours can be changed from a range of 64 different colours, options also include the ability to toggle the scenery (which helps reduce lag). The game features multiple modes, normal, insane and serenity. Insane mode being double the speed of normal while serenity has bigger gaps between the pipes with longer distances.

The game can be played on iOS, Android and on the PC, the controls are straightforward and only require clicking or tapping to make the bird fly upwards.

The game (as frustratingly hard as it is) has been played over 37k and features a point system and badges as incentives for playing (and winning).

The game also allows you to search for your friends highscores by name if they have played the game before.

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